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Just some of our recent work
Here's just some of the clients we've worked for...

Arkadia Translations

Translation agency

Translations of press releases, presentations, magazine/newspaper articles, technical manuals, websites and more...

Art in the Park 2014

Leamington art fest

Pro bono copywriting, proofreading, online advertising, press release writing/distribution and social media management services, targeting both exhibitors and visitors.


Despite the limited budget and a very tight deadline (a month and a half to promote the art fest), the event attracted over 70 exhibitors and performers, with thousands of visitors coming through the gates over the weekend.

Bottega Veneta

Luxury clothing, footwear & accessories

Copywriting services for the company's online store and promotional e-mails. The key aim of the project was to define a consistent tone of voice for the brand's online store.


The slogan from the e-mail campaign, "[When] all that glitters is gold", was later used in the company's Knot fragrance advert.

Euroservice Traduzioni

Translation agency

Translation and localisation (transcreation) of children's games, songs, brochures, websites, cosmetics packaging, promotional materials, legal documents,  technical specifications and copywriting services.

Cervellini & Partners

Public Relations & Corporate Communication

Translation of press releases, white papers, reports, letters, quotations, briefs, websites, advertising and promotional materials.


Advertising & PR Agency - Press Office

Translation/localisation of news releases for various press campaigns.

Honneger Srl

Tradeshow marketing agency

Translation of promotional materials and brochures.

Kathaline Page-Guth

Fine Jewellery

Copywriting project to promote a new range of designer jewellery. Press release writing, product descriptions, slogans, translation, proofreading, direct mail, web content and SEO.

Traduzioni Ellepi

Translation agency

Translation of press releases, advertising, websites, brochures, legal documents, magazine articles, company reports, menus and transcreation/copywriting services.

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